Due to the time and labor involved in the screen set up, alignment, and cleaning of the screens, our minimum charge is based on 25 prints.
We can print less than 25 units, however the charge will still be based on our minimum order number. You might be surprised to find that this may still be cheaper than using alternate methods of printing.
Keep in mind that you can also mix different types of garments within your run.

We have found that the quality of prints produced with digital printers is not in line with the standard of quality we demand of ourselves, and offer to our clients. We prefer to focus on the durability, colour vibrancy and accuracy afforded by screen printing.

We always try our best to return your garments as soon as possible. Generally, this takes between 5-7 business days, plus shipping if required.
On our Home page you’ll find an online turnaround estimator, which is constantly up to date and should give you the expected turnaround at any given time.

We know that sometimes things pop up at the last minute. In most cases, we can offer a rush service, which will occur a rush fee.
Please contact us for a quote, as rush fees can vary depending on how much time you allow for completing the print job.

Samples are OK with us. Keep in mind that due to the screen set up and the labor involved in printing one garment, we charge for the screens that need to be set up, plus a labor fee, which is generally $30 per sample.
Once you’re ready to run the lot, we’ll deduct the screen set up from the printing bill.

Once the screens have been etched with an image, we can’t change any details within the design.
We can change the colour of the print or the position of where it sits on the t shirt, but we cannot change the size of the print or any details within the design.
Any changes in the design will require new screens to be set up, which will occur a new set up cost.

We keep screens for your reuse for four months from the last time you have used them. This means that you won’t get charged with a set up fee when you print a certain design regularly.
Since we constantly need screens for new designs, a screen that won’t be in use for more than four months will be reclaimed and used for other designs.
If you print a design less often than four months, you have the option to purchase the screens.
Click here for more info.

The t shirts we provide you with should be washed and treated the same way you do with all other t shirts you would buy from a retailer.
We recommend using a cold machine wash, and avoid tumble drying.
Washing and ironing should always be done from the inside out. Do not iron the print side.

Yes, this is important to us as much as it is to you.
We ask all our suppliers to provide us with a fair trade certificate, and we won’t use a supplier who fails to do so.

All of our inks are non-toxic and safe for general wear use. In addition, our range of Water Based inks are graded as environmentally friendly and are very safe for kids and baby’s wear.

Sure do. Feel free to send us your address and we’ll get back to you with shipping costs.
Usually, it takes 2-3 days to deliver to most interstate destinations.
We can also split shipments to more than one address if you require.

Where possible, we prefer to work with vector files; these are usually created in Adobe Illustrator and can be saved as AI, EPS or PDF formats.
If the artwork is pixel based/bitmap (photographic images/hand drawn illustrations, etc.) we can take high resolution files, saved at any format (PSD and PDF are preferred). In this case, the artwork should be set at 300dpi and to the same size you want the image to be printed at.
Click here to find out more.

We have an in house graphic designer who specialises in artwork adjustments, colour separations, or starting a design from scratch.
Please contact us directly with your requirements to find out more.

We can screen print on almost any type of fabric products, as long as they can be laid flat on our printing boards. This includes; aprons, tea towels, bags, cushion covers, handkerchiefs, certain types of leather, and many more.
Trucker hats and stubby holders can also be screen printed.
Textile printing is our specialty, and our shop is set up for this purpose in mind. For this reason, we cannot offer printing on paper, cardboard, wood, plastic or any other ‘non fabric’ products.

Yes, of course. We actually recommend you to do so. You will get a better understanding of how we do what we do.
You will also be able to see and try on some product samples we have in the shop, so then we can get a specific idea of what you’re after and create together a tailored product.

As our shop can be very busy at times, we require you to make an appointment so that we can give you our full attention.

In order to guarantee you a top quality printed product, we prefer to source the garments for you.
Good quality print starts with a good fabric to sit upon.
We’ve spent a good amount of time trying and testing our supplier’s products to make sure you’ll be happy with our work – from our basic budget tee to the premium product range.
If you still want us to print on your own garments, please be advised that we cannot guarantee the quality of the prints, as each fabric reacts differently to the printing process.
If we’ve never printed on a particular garment that you have, we’ll ask you to provide a sample for us to run a test on.
Please make sure all pre supplied garments are unpacked, cleared of any stickers and swing tags (if attached) and ready for printing. We charge an unpacking fee for garments that require us to spend time preparing them for printing.

Printing on fleecy products can be a bit more bulky and consume more time and materials than printing on t shirts.
If you provide us with your own fleece to print on, we do apply a fleece charge that is usually $0.5 per item. This may change depending on the quantity of the run.

Payments are usually made upfront.
If you wish to pay a deposit first, this will be at the amount of the garments.
Once your order is ready, we require the balance prior to pick up/dispatch.
Payment can be made via EFT, credit card, cash, cheque or PayPal.
Credit card payments will add 2.5% surcharge to the total amount.
PayPal payments will add the seller fee to the total amount.