Screen Printing

We’ve perfected the art of screen printing after many years of dedication to our craft.

Screen printing offers customers exceptional results.
Apart from producing retail quality T shirts, the process allows customers to get very creative with the styles and finishes on offer.
Bags, hats, aprons, towels and many other textiles can be decorated using this highly versatile printing method.

Our automatic press easily caters for all large volume production, while the manual carousels are always busy with smaller runs.

The most popular techniques we offer are:

Plastisol Inks

Arguably the most popular and basic ink type we use to decorate garments. The ink sits on top of the fibers of the garment, and allows for brilliant colour accuracy, opacity and durability.

Water Based Inks

Water based inks are designed to print light coloured cotton garments. The composite of this ink results in a very soft finish, and is also environmentally friendly.

Discharge inks

Through the process of discharging/bleaching the dye of coloured cotton, we are able to print soft pigment inks on dark tees.

Four Colour Process

With the use of 4 key colours (C,M,Y,K) we can print a simulation of photographic images.

This is an advanced printing technique that requires a more complex set up; hence a minimum qty of 100+ units is recommended for a cost effective run.

Metallic/Shimmer Inks

A great way to make your prints pop with these shimmery inks.

Available in Gold and Silver.


For an enhanced shine and mirror effect, we can adhere foil either as a single colour or as a part of colourful designs.


We use this special ink to give a raised texture to any coloured ink.