Heat transfers can be a great printing solution, which overcomes some of the limitations screen printing faces. We use the best heat presses in the market and top quality supplies to ensure premium results.


These are screen printed transfers and require the same set up as traditional screen prints. Once they are produced in large amounts, they give you the advantage of pressing them on demand at any time and on any required t shirt colour, or size.
We also use this method to transfer prints on to tricky locations such as hats or inside pockets.

M.O.Q – 25 units per design.


Vinyl cuts are used when personalisation is required. They’re a perfect solution for sport teams that require individual names and numbers.

M.O.Q – 15 units per job.


These transfers are printed digitally on white vinyl stock and enable the printing of full colour images on smaller quantities.

M.O.Q – 20 units per design.